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The true meaning of wilderness

This is a comprehensive field expedition designed to teach you many skills you will need for future adventures in the deep wilderness or even for a future career in wildlife biology. Participants will be immersed into one of the last bastions of true untouched wilderness in Europe. We will be travelling through a pathless wilderness where the only human industry has been reindeer herding. The forest will not be old, it will be ancient.


The expedition will consist of activities such as first-aid skills, navigation exercises, bushcrafting, wildlife monitoring techniques and more. We will teach you how to work with various field equipment such as camera traps, gps-mapping devices but we will also be going back to the basics on how to utilize the environment around us to fill our basic needs such as cooking and so on. 

After proving to have mastered the necessary skills to navigate on your own, you may also have the chance to explore the wilderness in smaller groups. For the latter part of the expedition you may be split into different groups and perform different tasks in different areas. This is in order to cover more ground and collect more data. It will also give you as a participant the empowerment and proof of having mastered the skills that we have tought you.


A truly immersive experience awaits for anyone who joins this expedition!


COVID-19: If the SCV has to cancel an expedition due to effects of the

Covid-19, full refunds will be issued. Read more about our refund policies here


Aug 9 - 30, 2021


22 days


18+ yrs

Participation fee




Wildlife tracking and monitoring

Research skills

Key species

Brown bear

Golden eagle



Other species

Arctic fox



Fly in/out


For further details please contact us:

Tel: +46 706 36 35 35

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