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Welcome to 
Scandinavian Conservation Volunteers

Bringing conservation efforts in Scandinavia to the next level!

We are a non-profit organization focused on restoring and maintaining the wildlands of Scandinavia.

Become a part of the groundbreaking process of  bringing international conservation volunteers to

the Scandinavian wilderness!

    Our mission   

Are you passionate about conservation and working in nature plus getting a true wilderness experience? Whilst working for Scandinavian Conservation Volunteers you will be immersed in the outdoor culture and learn about the nature and wildlife of Scandinavia. With us you will work on rewarding conservation projects involvning wildlife and land managament.

Scandinavia, a land with it's vast mountain range and deep forests. 

Many fascinating creatures share this land. During recent years some have returned to live here once more, others are inruders and many on the brink of extinction. We want to help wherever possible to keep our nature and its wildlife healthy and thriving. 

Our goal is to provide able and ready volunteers with an experience of a lifetime whilst at the same time provide other organizations with a work force that is ready to help and make a difference . In the long term we want to be able to run an organization that does not need it's volunteers money, just their skills and work efforts. But in order to achieve this goal we have to show different conservation organizations and foundations the impact that a volunteer work force can have on the conservation effort.


Scandinavian Conservation Volunteers is an organisation focused on nature and wildlife. We are attempting a groundbreaking process to bring international conservation volunteers to Scandinavia. A territory that is thus far unexplored in Scandinavia. During the summer of 2017 eight volunteers will have the pleasure to partake in this groundbreaking project.


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